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Cybersecurity simplified with Ostra

The most important piece of your comprehensive cybersecurity posture is having the talent to not just hunt and identify threats, but to remediate and eliminate those threats in real-time.


Filing the Gaps

We are your next-generation managed security service provider (MSSP). We deliver Fortune 100- caliber protection for your business at a fraction of the cost you would pay to piecemeal or insource it.


Siloed competitors over-promise and under-deliver on actual protection. AMS breaks down silos to ensure you sleep well at night, knowing your company is safe.

22 Days

Average downtime for a ransom attack.


Percentage of cyber attacks that target SMBs.


Average ransom payments from 2018 to present


The average payout by a mid-sized company.

The Technology

Part of a comprehensive cybersecurity posture is ensuring all your tools and services work together. That’s no easy feat.

At AMS, we’ve partnered with Ostra Cybersecurity proprietary infrastructure that stitches our tools together to eliminate communication gaps. This enhances your 24x7 real-time protection against known and unknown (or zero-day) threats.

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Cybersecurity Solutions Simplified for You

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.29.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.29.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.30.05 PM.png
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24/7 Managed SOC & SIEM

  • 24/7 monitoring via Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • Activity insight via Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology

  • Threat intelligence

  • Security orchestration

  • Customized dashboards for

    compliance reporting

  • Event logging and analytics

Endpoint Security & Malware Protection

  • Single agent with three detection engines to minimize configuration and maximize detection/blocking

  • Integrated workflow to analyze/respond to threats within Endpoint Security

  • Fully integrated malware protection with antivirus (AV) defenses, machine learning, behavior analysis, indicators of compromise (IOCs) and endpoint visibility

  • Triage Summary and Audit Viewer for exhaustive inspection/analysis of threats

Email Threat Prevention (ETP)

  • Machine learning, AI and analytics identify attacks that evade signature and policy-based defenses

  • Inspects URLs for links to credential-phishing sites and rewrites URLs

  • Impersonation detection and in-house spam filtering

  • Retroactive analysis and alerting

Mobile Device Management & Security (MDM)

  • Secure data across all mobile devices (laptops/tablets, phones, IoT and more)

  • Seamless integration with existing architecture and easy installation

  • Robust policy configuration and enforcement including application, content and access management

  • Threat detection and remediation, audits and reports

Firewall & VPN

  • Automated Detection and Prevention of Zero-Day Exploits and Malware

  • Advanced analysis, machine learning and shared threat intelligence

  • Credential Phishing Prevention & blocking new malicious URLs

  • Selective Web Traffic Decryption and Safe Search Enforcement

Cloud Security (CASB)

  • Discover SaaS, IaaS and web use details and assess risk

  • Secure sanctioned cloud services such as Office 365, Box and AWS

  • Safe enablement of unsanctioned, business- led cloud services

  • Govern cloud and web use for on-premises, mobile and remote users

  • Data loss prevention across cloud platforms

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Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 11.38_edited.png

Solving Common Challenges for You

We will hunt, identify and remediate all your threats in real-time.

Vendor Management

No more long-term contracts. No more juggling multiple tools and services with varying contract lengths. We consolidate that for you.

Ongoing IT Projects

As we continually evaluate tools & tech and seamlessly integrate better solutions as they present themselves, We eliminate the pain and cost of major cybersecurity-related IT projects for your company.


Do you have a cybersecurity expert patching, updating and managing your multiple security tools? With AMS, you have an entire team doing this 24x7.

Constant Technology Evaluations

Cybersecurity is ever-changing. We are constantly evaluating the best technology & tools to seamlessly integrate into our proprietary infrastructure.

Remediating & Eliminating Threats

Do you have a cybersecurity expert remediating threats once identified by your MDR, MSP or MSSP if applicable? Our team doesn’t just notify you; we identify, investigate, remediate , and eliminate threats.


The average hourly rate for IT providers ranges between $100-$200/hour, sometimes higher for security fixes or consultations. With AMS's included services, you won’t be over budget with surprise bills.

Get Complete Cybersecurity solutions with us today.

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