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​Get Enterprise Grade Website Security with AMS

Build a website that is safe, secure and reliable for both you and your site visitors with multi-layered website security.  


What is Digital Security?

Digital Security is the protection of one’s digital personality, as it represents the physical identity on the network you are operating on or the internet service in use. Digital Security includes the tools which one uses to secure his/her identity, asset and technology in the online and mobile world.


Simply put, let’s think of digital personality as the human body. We have a duty to protect our body from harm which we could say is digital security. There are a number of methods (tools) that we use to protect our bodies.  We eat and live healthy and put ourselves out of harm’s way. The same applies to our digital personality.


Websites are hacked daily.


of companies worldwide have experienced at least one form of a cyber attack.

$6 Trillion

It will cost companies around the world to fix breaches in 2021


of data breaches in 2021 prey on small and medium sized businesses.

Why do we need Digital Security?

Every day, there are quite a number of cyber-attacks and anybody could be a victim of a cyber-theft, hack or crime. Leading global brands have been hacked with false information put up on their websites and small businesses and innovative start-ups in all industries are frequently targeted because most of them do not have proper digital security systems in place. 

Security Built into Every AMS Website

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Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.29.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.30.05 PM.png

SSl Certificate

Gain your visitors’ trust by having SSL web security to keep connections secure and private over an HTTPS connection.

TLS 1.2

Feel safe knowing that AMS adds extra layers of website security like TLS 1.2 to keep all transactions on your site private.

2-Step Verification

Prevent unauthorized entries into your account with 2-step verification. You’ll receive a code anytime an unrecognized device attempts to log in.

Level 1 PCI Compliant  

Get a website that adheres to the highest level of payment industry standards, keeping your visitor transactions private.

DDoS Protection

 Our servers have gone through extensive hacker testing to ensure your website is always up and running.

Centralized Website Security

AMS offers a centralized SaaS solution and website platform. This means that all security updates are automatically applied to your site.

ISO 27001 & 27018 Certificates

AMS maintains industry best practices for handling personal information (PII) and managing website security risks.

Website Security Monitoring

Our team monitors websites 24/7 for any suspicious activity and continually conducts software security reviews.


AMS works with a team of experts to help ensure that our products and services are in compliance with privacy regulations.

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Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 11.35_edited.png
Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 11.38_edited.png

Advance Your Web Security Solutions

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Build your company’s projects at scale on a platform that provides the highest level of web security.

Deliver a professional website with enterprise grade security for your organization or client base.

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Give your clients peace of mind by building a website that is secure for them and their customers.

Get Complete Website Security with an AMS Site

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